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Choosing jewelry for a friend or loved one can be a challenging task. Take a moment to learn about the craft, the materials and how to recognize exceptional quality. Then you will be sure to choose the perfect piece to fit their style and taste.
Diamond Education

Additional Information

Diamond & Gemstone FAQs
What is the difference between Carat and Karat, the 4C's, color grading and more.
Wedding Anniversary Gift List
What to get your significant this anniversary.
Gold, Platinum, Silver and Other Precious Metals FAQs
The difference between 14 karat and 18 karat, color grading, alloy elements and more.
Find your Ring Size
Need help finding the right ring size? We've provided a printable ring sizer that can help you determine your ring size.
Terms to Know
A helpful list of jewelry vocabulary.
From freshwater to Akoya, everything you needed to know about pearls.
From Agate to Turquoise - a helpful list of gemstones and information.
Know your birthstone - a list of birthstones by month.
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