Shannon Dalton

Shannon Dalton

I have always had a passion for creating and building things. From homemade rockets, slingshots, and blue ribbon science fair projects in grade school, to bronze castings and steel sculptures in college, I knew metals, science, and art was where it was at for me. I attended U.W. Oshkosh for graphic design, and having the Dean of Arts as a teacher and advisor, I was taught art-metals as well. I fell in love with sawing and soldering…and gemstones. In 1993, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Metals and Sculpture emphasis.

At Wickersham Jewelry, we have built a custom and repair business that has thrived and grown. We have improved with technology, and we now have the capability to design and make just about any piece of jewelry in all three of our goldsmith shops.

My passions are my beautiful wife and two boys, kayaking, bicycling, photography, and of course, working with beautiful gemstones and creating works of art using noble metals.